Corrugated rolls are a protective packaging product for customers who require a flexible solution to protect their products in transit.

Corrugated board in rolls provides the easiest way to package and protect irregular items of different sizes and forms.

It has high shock-absorbing qualities and can easily be manually cut to size and wrapped around a product. It is ideal for small batch sizes.

Available in all fluting types, corrugated board in rolls has an elastic property due to a special soft inner liner allowing it to be delivered in rolls.

Corrugated rolls are available in widths ranging from 400mm to 2400mm and lengths of between 100m and 200m. The rolls can be pre-printed if high-quality print is required

While corrugated sheets and boxes are well-known for their versatile packaging and protective capabilities, corrugated rolls often fly under the radar. These rolls, made from the same corrugated material, serve a distinct purpose in various industries and offer unique advantages. In this content piece, we will explore the world of corrugated rolls and their wide range of applications.

What Are Corrugated Rolls?

Corrugated rolls are continuous sheets of corrugated material wound into rolls of various sizes. Like corrugated sheets, they consist of a fluted inner layer sandwiched between two flat liners. The key difference lies in their format – rolls offer flexibility and adaptability for different uses.

Versatile Applications of Corrugated Rolls:

1.Protective Packaging:

Corrugated rolls are used to create custom packaging solutions. They can be easily cut and folded to fit around fragile or irregularly shaped items. This makes them an excellent choice for cushioning and protecting products during shipping.

2. Void Fill and Dunnage:

In the e-commerce and shipping industry, corrugated rolls serve as an eco-friendly and cost-effective void fill material. They can be crumpled or cut into pieces to fill empty spaces in boxes, preventing items from shifting and getting damaged in transit.

3.Floor and Surface Protection:

Rolled out on floors, walls, or other surfaces, corrugated rolls provide protection from dirt, moisture, and impact. They are commonly used during construction and renovation projects to safeguard floors and surfaces.

4.Arts and Crafts:

Corrugated rolls have found their way into the world of arts and crafts. Their flexibility and ease of manipulation make them ideal for creating unique and textured art pieces, sculptures, and props.

5.Agricultural and Horticultural Uses:

In agriculture, corrugated rolls are used to protect and insulate plants and crops from extreme temperatures and weather conditions. They are also used in hydroponic and aquaponic systems for their water-resistant properties.

6. Eco-Friendly Choices:

Corrugated rolls are often made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable. They are an environmentally responsible choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

7.Customization and Printing:

Corrugated rolls can be customized with company branding, product information, or decorative designs. This feature enhances their utility not only as packaging material but also as promotional tools for businesses.



Types of Corrugated Box

  •  36-60 Width Rolls 

  • Minimum Quantity is 40 Kg 

  • 2 PLY Corrugated Rolls 

  • useful for packaging of heavy machinery & damage prevention 
  • Useful for packaging of Glass Articles 
  • Useful for packaging of Ceramic Items 
  • Useful for packaging of Furniture 
  • Useful for packaging of Crockery 
  • Useful for packaging of Electronic items 
  • Useful for packaging of Household Goods 
  • 36 inch Rools is useful for small Products 
  • 60 inch rools is useful for heavy Products  
  • They are commonly used for creating protective layers, cushioning, filling voids and wrapping items.
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